Author: Gena Wilson interviews Gena interviewed Gena about her animal communicator abilities – March, 2010

1. How long have you been communicating with animals?
I have been communicating with animals professionally since 1996

2. How does one communicate with animals?
I believe that animals have souls like people and I tap the essence of their soul. I receive information in visions – an animal may show me a suitcase to let me know their owner is leaving for a trip. One doggie that did not like the woman’s boyfriend took his paw and shoved him out the door.

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Creature Clairevoyant

Creature Clairvoyant, Chesapeake Life Magazine, Sept/Oct 2009:

Gena Wilson is not your ordinary psychic. Yes, she can sense desires and fears and decipher hidden pasts. So what makes her so unusual? Well, her clients aren’t exactly human.

Pet Clairvoyant

Pet Clairvoyant

Wilson, 56, has worked as an animal psychic in the Baltimore-D.C. area for the past 13 years. Click here for the full story.