“Ten years ago, I and everything about my life began to change. It was an extremely difficult and challenging period. I greatly needed answers, guidance, support, and understanding of the meaning and purpose of these changes, as well as the meaning and purpose of my life. Through a mutual friend I was guided to Gena. I scheduled an appointment for a psychic reading with her. During that first visit she helped me begin to understand the transformation I was undergoing. Her kindness and compassion comforted me instantly, and her outstanding connection to the Angelic Realm supplied me with information which helped me gain firmer footing on my spiritual path. I later joined Gena’s Spiritual Development Class which was a blessing in so many ways. She taught me how to develop my gifts and trust my own inner guidance. Coming together regularly with new like-minded friends as we learned, shared our experiences and supported one another, was in and of itself, a very healing experience. In these classes, as a spiritual family we shared many tears, much laughter(oh, how we laughed!)and attained great spiritual growth. Over the years Gena has become a beloved friend. She is always there with an open heart ready to listen, comfort, uplift, wisely guide and support, with so much love. Gena has truly blessed my life as teacher, guide, cheerleader and friend. I consider her my ‘Earth-Angel'”. CC

“Gena has been my family’s “Angel on Earth”. We’ve known her for 10 years. Her truly remarkable and intuitive gifts have been such a blessing. My kids thought is was so cool to connect with their guardian angels and know their names. Gena has also been there during some very challenging times. Her compassion and counseling skills were very instrumental in helping us deal with my son’s alcohol and drug addiction, my husband’s acceptance of diabetes, my post partum depression and my middle son’s adjusting to dyslexia. We even had her work on our two pets. When we moved into a new house the border collie came with it and our yorkie and the Collie didn’t get along at first. After one session, they’ve been best pals. She has also celebrated many family events. Thanks Gena for bringing joy and wholeness to so many people!” CM

“Gena was a great help to me and my beloved greyhound Maddie in her transition from life to death. Through Gena, Maddie let us know what she was feeling and what messages she had for me. Maddie wanted to live her life to the fullest and to be put down at the first sign of discomfort . It was hard saying good bye, but I knew I was doing what Maddie wanted. It’s hard to lose a beloved companion, yet when you can take the doubt out of “am I doing the right thing”, it puts everything in a different perspective. Thank you Gena. I’ve learned a lot from you and Maddie.” FS

“Gena is wonderful at assisting people with getting in touch with their inner voice and their intuitive nature”. CMD

“Gena Wilson is a very gifted psychic who can communicate well with animals and angels. She is also a gifted Reiki Master Teacher. Gena and I have worked, side by side, for seven plus years teaching Reiki Classes together and sharing a booth at psychic fairs. In addition, we have given psychic workshops together. I believe her psychic and healing abilities to be par excellence.” Kupua Claudette Knox

“Gena Wilson is a gifted psychic and counselor who I highly recommend to anyone interested in spiritual enlightement. She is a blessing in anyone’s life looking for guidance for their personal, professional, physical or spiritual growth.” BW

“Gena is a wonderful caring person to say the least. Her accuracy rate has been 100% for me.” DD

“Gena’s gift is truly genuine. She told me things that only a conduit to the angelic realm could know. Her words have guided me to transform my life into joy by recognizing and embracing my spiritual destiny.” BD