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Reiki Divination Cards

About The Deck

Gena is happy to announce the arrival of the Reiki Divination Cards. The deck has been years in the perfecting, authored by Kupua Claudette Knox, co-authored by Gena, and illustrated by Maureen Wolford.

The Reiki Divination Cards are more than just a deck of cards – it is a communication tool between you and you, or you and others coming to you for assistance.

The Reiki Divination Cards come with a full-color guide book along with the deck of 33 cards. Using the guide book, you will learn how to use the Reiki Divination Cards, as well as gain insight into yourself and the people around you. Each card carries specific meaning in relation to the other cards, and the book will show you how to interpret them using the developed Life Force Energy Spread.

The deck is available from US Games Systems, Inc.

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